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Double savings through quality and efficiency

SIMOTICS XP, AH 132, AH 180, AH 280 © Siemens AG 2020, All rights reserved
© Siemens AG 2020, All rights reserved

Especially since the change of the efficiency classes, industrial companies not only have to meet stricter requirements, but also have to concern themselves with environmentally friendly work and production in their own best interest.

Our electric motors not only meet the latest demands, are low-maintenance, reliable and durable, but also offer you interesting savings potentials. Saving starts when you buy our products, because we can negotiate the best prices for you, thanks to our long-standing contacts. Extremely low energy consumption offers further savings potentials. The latest generation in drive technology stands for an investment in low costs.

Among technology manufacturers, Germany scores with top developers. We can look back on a long-standing cooperation with one of them: Since its founding almost 170 years ago, Siemens has become a global player thanks to its research work and consistent further development. Highest performance, reliability and efficiency distinguish its motors. This is why they are in application around the globe. Opting for Siemens drive technology is therefore the perfect decision.


In application - the advantages of our motors

SIMOTICS GP, AH90, AH132, AH200, composing © Siemens AG 2020, All rights reserved
© Siemens AG 2020, All rights reserved

Siemens products are applied in the food and petrochemical industry, in machine, system, pump and ventilation engineering, in conveyor systems and in the processing trade, to state just a few areas.

With rising energy prices and increasing political demands for reducing emissions of global warming gasses, energy savings and energy efficiency measures are also becoming increasingly important. The potential of modern electrical motors lies in their energy consumption savings.  

We concentrate on our core competence: selling Siemens products.
With us as your reliable supplier, you will be able to satisfy customer requirements, and often even surpass them. Siemens products and our pricing ensure their competitiveness on global market level.   

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